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TIME: 7pm-9pm (we might run over a bit each week but we'll try to keep it to the two hours)


1st Class AUG 10th

2nd Class AUG 17th

3rd Class AUG 24th

4th Class AUG 31st

5th Class SEPT 7th

6th Class SEPT 14th


The workshops will be held on Zoom we expect you to have a basic working knowledge of that technology. A zoom link will be emailed on the Monday before each night class and again on the day to a BOAW WhatsApp group. The zoom meeting will be open around 6:45pm and the classes will start at 7pm. 

Link to complete beginners guide to Zoom HERE

In order to save time we will ask participants to upload what they have been working on to a Dropbox. We will share lyrics and audio from the dropbox.  A link to the BOAW Night Class dropbox will be shared on the week leading up to the course. Beginners guide to Dropbox HERE

We will work on some tasks during the workshop and also set tasks for participants to work on during the week.


For some tasks we might ask for you to work in pairs. We can do this with breakout rooms during the workshop or outside of class time.


A functioning internet connection.


Headphones to avoid feedback loops on the Zoom call. Headphones are essential to the smooth running of the meeting. If you have budget for a fancy new pair we recommend 250 ohm version of THESE. They are extremely comfortable to wear for long periods of time and are considered the industry standard for listening to audio mixes. You will not regret buying them.

A way of sharing your lyrics. ie sharing a .pdf, docx or pages file to the dropbox.


A way of recording your song. A phone recording is absolutely perfect. If you set up the Dropbox App on your phone you can share directly to the BOAW dropbox.

Something to write with and something to write on. Pen, paper, tablet, computer...

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